Choosing the perfect area rugs can mean a lot for your home, including visual appeal and durability alike. If you’ve never experienced these rugs before, our associates can help you choose options that are sure to bring the best results possible.

Finding your area rugs is easier than you think
The perfect area rugs are out there, and it only takes a little experience to help find the best options. Here are some things to consider when searching for your perfect rugs.

1. Think about whether you need visual appeal, durability, or a combination of both so that you can begin with the perfect fiber type. For example, nylon and polyester are best for durability and wear protection, while wool gives you gorgeous color options.

2. Be sure to pick the correct size. For instance, 5 by 7 rugs are perfect in most spaces and provide excellent coverage in most average-sized rooms.

3. Backing materials are essential, especially when placing these rugs over solid hardwood or tile flooring. The proper backing material can go a long way to protecting your main floor covering, especially scratching.

Consider buying your area rugs here

Regarding area rug stores, Akin Bros Floor Stores have plenty of options to meet your preferences and requirements, no matter how many rooms you have. If you live in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Midwest City, Moore, Del City, or Norman, OK, we invite you to visit our Budget Floor Store in Oklahoma City or Floor World in Edmond and Midwest City. Each of our stores is held to the highest standard of quality and customer service, so you’re never disappointed in the results of your remodel.

We call this Full-Service Floormanship, and you'll find it to be the perfect addition to your shopping experience. So be sure to stop by today and see how it can help you find the area rugs you've always wanted.