When you shop for new floors, you'll undoubtedly have many questions. After all, it's not something we often buy, so you want to get it right first.

How can you be sure you're getting the right flooring for yourself? Here are some tips to help you simplify the process.

Realize everyone’s needs are different

In other words, the floor you love at your friend's home may not suit you. Your family size could differ, or you might cook and entertain more or less frequently.

Be sure to let the professional in the flooring store know if you have specific needs.

Consider durability

Are you installing in a busy, heavily trafficked area that gets a lot of wear and tear? Do you need something waterproof?

You should also consider room usage because some spaces can go either way. For instance, living rooms can either be the center of family activity or a room only for entertaining.

Also, know that waterproof means impenetrable. Water-resistant means it will repel, but only for a short time, and must be wiped immediately.

Think about maintenance

Let the staff at the flooring company know how you feel about cleaning. Some floorings only require sweeping and occasional mopping. Others, like carpet's high pile or plush styles, need more TLC.

What’s your home’s overall style?

As long as everything coordinates well and there is a cohesive look, different new floors will transition well. Just be sure the colors, undertones, and styles don't clash.

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